Birth Chart Reading

The full experience! In your 90-minute session we’ll cover the major themes of your life path and soul purpose, as well as any specific questions you might have about your current, past, and future experiences. Take a journey into your unique personality traits and potential, embrace your personal transformation, and get to know your authentic self.

Transit Chart Reading

The follow up session. In your 60-minute reading, we’ll track the current position of the planets to help you better understand your present situation, as well as forecast any major upcoming themes. This reading will help you navigate any challenges with relationships, career, life transitions etc. with greater clarity, and align your actions with the cosmic energies at play.

Synastry Reading

The compatibility reading—In your 90-minute relationship session, you’ll gain insight into the dynamic between your chart with another person’s chart, illuminating the strengths and challenges. By understanding the astrological compatibility between you and your partner, child, or friend, you can enhance communication, resolve conflicts, and build a more harmonious and fulfilling connection.

Business Reading

For entrepreneurs looking to consciously expand their business—in your 90-minute reading we’ll check out the cosmic blueprint for your business, highlighting favorable timelines, potential challenges, and growth opportunities. Understanding the astrological influences on your business can guide decision-making, optimize resource allocation, and pave the way for greater success and sustainability. If you don’t know the “birth time” of your business, it can be determined in session.


Astrocartography offers valuable insights into YOUR optimal places to travel or live for personal growth, career, and relationships. In your 60 minute locational astrology session, you’ll gain insight into the activation of planetary energies in your chart, based on where you are in the world. Sessions help you strategically plan your moves and create the life you want with travel and exploration.

Tarot Reading

This 60-minute session gives guidance from ancient archetypal images and illuminates hidden aspects of your situation. Tap into your intuition as you seek the answers to your questions with the tarot. Sessions provide clarity and peace of mind for challenging times and big life transitions.

Intuitive Session

Not sure what to book? At a cross roads & looking for direction? The intuitive session blends astrology, tarot, astrocartography, relationships, transits etc. to get creative insights unique to your situation. We will design your session together based on what would give you the most holistic direction for your present situation.

Mini Astro Reading

Perfect for answering one or two specific questions about yourself and your chart. Whether your focus is love/relationships, career, personality, etc. mini readings offer a space to dip into a little astrological guidance—whatever you might need on your path. For the astro-curious and astro-experts alike.


from bachelorettes to birthday parties, friend groups, corporate teams, galas, community gatherings & more—inspire magical moments with astrology or tarot readings at your special event.

Integration Sessions

For those interested in integrating a non-ordinary or psychedelic experience using astrology. If you have an experience you’d like to understand through a cosmic lens, submit an application to participate in a research study and receive a complimentary integration session in exchange for your participation. 

Wedding Ceremonies

Looking for a wedding officiant that can truly understand and speak to your unique relationship? With the stars as guidance, Kate offers deeply personal and spiritually enriching ceremonies that honor your personal beliefs and love story. By weaving the stories from your birth charts and individual journeys into her understanding of your love and commitment, Kate creates a ceremony script that resonates with your authentic essence and brings a genuinely heartfelt dimension to your wedding day. 

take your astro journey deeper


unique support for your soul’s path through an intimate astrology mentorship & empowerment to read your own chart